Reflecting back on the program…

From June 23rd, 2018 to August 11th, 2018, we participated in the Harvard Summer School Program. We had the most phenomenal 7 weeks of our lives experiencing what it’s like to take college classes at the world’s most prestigious school. During the summer program, each of us took two 4 credit courses out of 200 and managed our time around our course work and classes. The courses are rigorous but as long as you stay motivated the seven weeks will fly by in no time and you will definitely feel motivated to learn more. 

Since each course is three hours long, we spent the rest of the time structuring our own schedules and tried to make the most out of our seven weeks. We spent our time walking through and exploring the different buildings at Harvard from the famous Lamont and Widener Library to the beautiful Annenberg dining hall. The science center was a student favorite and many people went up to the balcony and used the telescope there to admire the stars. There were also many sports facilities that we could use at our own will. With all these facilities we never had a dull moment at Harvard. 

We also loved living in our dorm rooms and getting to know our roommates. Every dorm room had a common room where everyone could study and a bedroom. During the weekends we would go out and explore Boston with our friends. There were also organized trips to places such as Fenway Park or Martha’s Vineyard. We also took college trips to the famous Yale University and Brown University. The campuses were beautiful and we admired the unique features of each school. There is a college fair during the middle of the program where you can browse through and talk about the admissions process with people from different universities. 

We guarantee that your seven weeks at Harvard University will be one of the best experiences of your life. The fear and nervousness we felt at the beginning of the program melted away and were replaced by broad smiles by the end of our seven weeks. The academic challenges we faced not only gave us an understanding of what college students do but also strengthened us individually. We strongly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in applying for a college in the United States or is looking for something they can devote themselves to. 


2018年6月23日から8月11日の間、私はHavard Summer School Programに参加しました。世界的にも名門と言えるこの大学で授業を受講した7週間は、私にとってかけがえのない時間となりました。このサマープログラムでは、200以上ある授業の中から、自分の興味に応じて2つ以上のコースを選択することができ、実際ハーバード大学で行われている講義に参加することができます。ハーバード大学で学ぶ他の学生と同じように宿題や時間の管理を行ったことは、私にとって大きな自信になりました。とてもレベルの高い授業でしたが、長いと思っていた7週間はあっという間に過ぎ、このプログラムが終わる頃にはもっと学びたいと感じるようになっていました。





  • カレッジコース(200種類以上から選択可能)
  • 現役大学生、他の高校生、世界中の専門家と一緒に受講できる。
  • 将来大学で単位の交換をすることができる。
  • キャンパスに住むか、通学するか、オンラインで勉強するかを選択できる。
  • コースのスケジュールを自由に選択できる。

1つまたは2つのコースに登録することができます。 教室の外では、ワークショップに参加したり、近くの大学に行ってみたり、学内スポーツや音楽の追求などのアクティビティでくつろぐことができます。 イベントと自由時間の健全なバランスを見つけ、大学での自立を可能にします。

How can we participate?

  • All high school students age 15 to 18 have the right to apply for the Summer Program.
  • If you are an international student (like most of us are) you have to submit a TOEFL iBT score or an IELTS score with your application.
  • Since the program is very rigorous, it is not mandatory but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND scoring at least 100 on the TOEFL iBT test.
  • Apply for the program → Make your own Harvard Student Account → Once you are told that you have been applied, international students are required to get a student VISA → Make arrangements for where to stay (Dorms are highly recommended!) → Get plane tickets → Off to America!
  • The application process is VERY CONFUSING, so we recommend you start applying AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


  • 15-18歳の全ての高校生が対象
  • アメリカ以外の国からの生徒は、TOEFL iBTのスコアかIELTSが必要
  • 必須ではないが、TOEFL iBT100点以上を持っていることが望ましい
  • 申し込みー>自分のHarvard Student Accountを作るー>申し込みが完了したら学生ビザを取るー>宿泊先を決める(寮がおすすめ!)ー>飛行機を予約ー>アメリカへ行こう!

Student Voice

One of the biggest challenges I faced during Harvard Summer School was participating in the discussions. I took a relatively small course which consisted of roughly 15 to 20 people. Everyone was highly motivated and enthusiastic about discussing various topics. I was very shy at first but once I said one of my opinions I was able to freely voice my ideas. I found that the classes were more stimulating the more I participated and I was able to step out of my comfort zone. I realized that it didn’t matter if you believed your English proficiency was inferior compared to other students. The name Harvard may sound intimidating but it’s more important to be present during the conversation and get the most out of each class. I realized that I had nothing to lose by speaking up in class and even started asking questions without hesitation. This was the biggest lesson I learned during the program; the importance of letting go of your insecurities and letting your voice be heard in any situation.


Havard Summer Schoolで一番大変だったことはディスカッションに参加することでした。私は15−20人と小規模なクラスを選択しました。色々なトピックを話す上で皆とてもやる気があり熱狂的でした。私は最初は内気な性格でしたが、自分の意見を発した途端、自由に自分のアイディアを発言できるようになりました。私は参加すればするほどクラスが刺激的になり、自分のコンフォートゾーンから抜け出すことができました。私は自分の英語レベルが他人よりも低くても関係ないことに気づきました。ハーバードと言う名前が威圧的に聞こえますが、会話に参加することクラスから何かを得ることが大切です。私はクラスで発言することによって失うものがないため、ためらいなく積極的に質問をしていました。私が一番このプログラムに参加して学んだことは、”The importance of letting go of your insecurities and letting your voice be heard in any situation.” (不安定な状況から離れることと自分の声をどのような状況でも聞いてもらうことの大切さである)

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